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Aflac Launches New Marketing Strategy Featuring What 'Aflac Isn't' to Shed Light on Everything Aflac Is

Source Aflac Incorporated
Published Date 1/7/2019
Aflac, the leader in supplemental insurance sales at U.S. worksites, today announced the launch of a new marketing strategy and campaign designed to address the biggest misunderstandings that some consumers have about the company and its products. The new campaign, one of the most extensive integrated marketing campaigns in company history, will demonstrate to consumers how Aflac insurance isn't what many think it is, isn't used when many think it is and doesn't work how many think it does. In short, by telling consumers what Aflac isn't, the company believes it will be in a prime position to instill in potential customers what the company is and the value of its products. ...
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Aflac Incorporated
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Company Representatives Featured
Kristen Fraser
[Manager, Consumer and Executive Public Relations]
Aflac Incorporated
Media Contact
Catherine Hernandez-Blades
[Chief Brand and Communications Officer]
Aflac Incorporated
Shannon Watkins
[Vice President of Brand and Creative Services]
Aflac Incorporated
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