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Alegeus Enhances Consumer Portal with New Marketplace

Source Alegeus Technologies
Published Date 11/8/2017
Company looks to empower consumers with a simplified shopping experience and the ability to name their price for medical, dental and vision services

Alegeus, the market leader in consumer directed healthcare solutions (CDH), today announced that it has expanded its online consumer portal to include a virtual marketplace that will curate a wide range of HSA (health savings account) and FSA (flexible spending account) eligible products and services for purchase using account funds. This expansion will not only make it easier for consumers to spend their account dollars on eligible items and maximize account usage, it will also empower them to make smarter purchase decisions by letting them name their price for services. Thanks to unique partnerships accessible only through the portal, Alegeus merchants will offer a wide array of qualified consumer products and services – such as contact lenses, MRIs and more – across vision, dental and medical. ...
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