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Welltok Reveals the Financial Value of Employee Health Engagement

Source Welltok, Inc.
Published Date 2/17/2017
New Research Supports Business Case for Investing in Health of Employees and Dependents

Welltok, the leading consumer health enterprise Software as a Service company, released new research today that provides the business case for engaging employees and dependents in their health. The research confirms that employee health and well-being programs are not only good for employees, but the bottom line as well. Based on experience supporting employers across the nation and extensive analysis, Welltok reveals that healthier employees produce substantial financial value for employers, as well as a more loyal and productive workforce. ...
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Welltok, Inc.
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Erica Sniad Morgenstern
[Vice President, Public Relations & Marketing Communications]
Welltok, Inc.
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Welltok, Inc.
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[Senior Vice President of Evidence and Value Science]
Silverlink, A Welltok Company
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