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Intermountain Healthcare
36 So. State Street
Floor 22
Salt Lake City , UT   84111   USA
Company Website:
Company Hierarchy
Subsidiary(s)/ Affiliate(s)

Business Focus:
Health Insurance Plan (HIP)
IDN: Medical Group System
Company Description:
Intermountain Healthcare is a nonprofit health system based in Salt Lake City, with over 26,000 employees. Serving the healthcare needs of Utah and southeastern Idaho residents, Intermountain's system of 21 hospitals, clinics, health plans and physicians provides excellent medical care at affordable rates.

Company Contacts:
Media Contact(s)
Daron Cowley
[Media Relations]
Jason Burgess
[Media Relations Manager]
Jason Mathis
[Media Relations Manager]

Company Officials:
A. Marc Harrison
[President and CEO]
Scott Anderson
Bruce Reese
[Vice Chairman]
Elizabeth Hammond
[Board of Trustees Member]
Rob Allen
[SVP and COO]
Jutta Williams
[Chief Privacy Officer]
Nicole Hobbs
[Medical Informatics Director]
Stan Huff
[Chief Medical Informatics Officer]
Shannon Phillips MD, MPH
[Chief Patient Experience Officer]
Diane Rindlisbacher
[Chief Nursing Information Officer]
Brent Wallace
[Chief Medical Officer]
D. Ware Branch MD
[Medical Director of Intermountain's Women and Newborns Clinical Program]
Mark Briesacher MD
[Senior Administrative Medical Director]
Rebekah Couper-Noles MSN, MHA
[Chief Nursing Officer]
William Daines
[Medical Director for Connect Care]
Seth Glickman MD, MBA
[Associate Chief Medical Officer for Community-Based Care]
Lisa Graydon
[Associate Chief Nursing Officer]
Kim Henrichsen RN, MSN
[Chief Nursing Officer]
Liz Joy MD
[Medical Director for Health Promotion and Wellness]
Linda Leckman MD
[Intermountain Medical Group]
Shane Lewis MD, FACS
[Medical Director]
Mikelle Moore
[SVP - Community Health]
Scott Narus PhD
[Medical Informatics Director]
Adam Wilcox PhD
[Medical Informatics Director]
Michael Jex
[AVP, Patient Account Services]
Doug Smith
[Regional CFO]
Chris Thornock
Bert Zimmerli
[Chief Financial Officer]
Nickolas Mark
[Managing Director and Partner of Intermountain Ventures]
Suzie Draper
[Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer]
Kevan Mabbutt
[Chief Consumer Officer]
Shan He
[Senior Medical Informaticist]
Lee Pierce
[Chief Data Officer]
Gregory P. Poulsen
[Chief Strategy Officer]
Marc Probst
[Chief Information Officer and Vice President]
Karl West
[Chief Information Security Officer]
Corey Heller
[Chief Human Resources Officer]
Nancy Nowak
[Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer]
Frederick Holston
[Chief Technology Officer]
Dan Liljenquist
[SVP and Chief Strategy Officer]
Grant M. Wood
[Precision Genomics]
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Intermountain Healthcare Announces New Company to Elevate Value-Based Care Capabilities
Intermountain Healthcare CEO Delivers Annual Report to the Community, Says Intermountain Is Well-Positioned for the Future
Intermountain Healthcare: New Intermountain Transformation Center to Lead Healthcare Delivery Advancement
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